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How to Register


Step 1

Access the website using the link — www.elearning.iirs.gov.in

Step 2

Click the Registration tab.

Step 3

Select the course name from the drop down box. The Discipline, Duration and Course Fee columns will get auto populated.

Step 4

Fill in the following particulars: Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Nationality, Passport No., Mobile number, Land Line, email ID and Fax.
(Please note that all asterisk ( * ) marked items are mandatory to be filled)

Step 5

Provide correspondence and permanent address details. If both are same Tick Permanent Address Check Box.

Step 6

Provide the educational details beginning from High School till PG. If you have more qualifications, use the ‘Add more’ button.

Step 7

Provide ‘Other details’ like, experience, background, accommodation and sponsorship.

Step 8

Upload ‘Date of Birth’ and ‘Highest Qualification’ certificates. Upload latest photos of yourself. These should not exceed 1 MB each. Upload a copy of the ‘Identification Proof’ not exceeding 500 KB.

Step 9

Enter the Captcha code and click 'Submit'.

Step 10

After Submition the form navigates to payment page. You can either select Yes to appear for examination and get certificate from IIRS or Select No only for learning.