FAQ - Live & Interactive Programme

Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. When using distance learning, students work online at home while the teacher assigns work and checks in digitally..
A key advantage of Distance Learning is that it has quicker delivery cycle than traditional classroom-based instruction. Distance Learning reduces learning time by at least 25 to 60 percent when compared to traditional learning..
IIRS is the only institute which offers courses according to the changing user needs and it is only one of its kind in India where courses are conducted at various levels. After attending this course, you will able to learn in the field of remote sensing & applications.
It is open for all those who are interested in the RS & GIS.

A computer with a good speed of internet. Basic hardware and software requirements are:

Hardware requirements:

  • High-end computer/laptop (Windows OS
  • Good quality web camera
  • Headphone with microphone
  • Speakers
  • Large display screen (Projector or TV)

Software and internet requirements:

  • Any web browser: Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Internet Explore
  • Windows XP SP3 or later version
  • Memory – 2GB RAM/Above
  • Processor speed – 2.88 GHz
  • Bandwidth – 2 Mbps/Above

Eligible candidates can apply for Live and Interactive Course after filling up the online application form. The registration link can be accessed from www.iirs.gov.in/Edusat-News.

Live & Interactive Course are available for:

  • Undergraduate student
  • Postgraduate students
  • Researchers/faculty
  • Technical/Scientific Staff of Central/State Government Departments
  • Users under CEC-UGC/CIET networks
  • Institutions on high speed National Knowledge Network
There are number of course are available. You can get the details www.iirs.gov.in/Edusat-News. Every year IIRS publishes annual course calendar for IIRS outreach programme.

Apart from basic course on RS, GIS & GNSS, IIRS offers specialized courses in various the matic disciplines such as:

  • Advances in Geoinformatics
  • Geo - Web Services – Technology & Applications
  • Microwave (SAR) Remote Sensing for Natural Resources
  • Urban Planning
  • Open Source GIS
Different course having different duration. Basic course on RS, GIS & GNSS is for 3 months duration. Duration of specialized courses may vary from one week to one month duration. Updated details may get on our website www.iirs.gov.in/Edusat-News.

IIRS offers different level of courses in many disciplines for beginners and professionals working in the field of remote sensing through Live & interactive mode. You can choose your course from any of the below disciplines according to your area of specialization.

  • Basic of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems & Global Navigation Satellite System.
  • Specialized course on different theme.
Register for the course through- https://elearning.iirs.gov.in/edusatregistration/student. Please provide your details very carefully specially your email ID and mobile number. You will receive one registration number on successful submission of your application as web page display and email message.
The online form is designed in such a way by selecting individual option they can register this course.
The institute coordinator will review your application and verify the submitted documents and approve or reject your application.
All the approved participants will receive an approval email with their login credentials of IIRS E-CLASS,. Once you receive login credentials, please visit: https://eclass.iirs.gov.in at the scheduled time to attend the live lecture
If status of your application is “Not Approved” then you are considered as Learner or for approval, you have to contact to your institute coordinator.
The attendance is marked as present after 50% duration of total session time. For example, if total duration of a session is 60 minutes then the attendance will be marked as “Present” after 30 minutes of active login.
70% attendance is required to appear in the examination.
If due to some technical problem or other reason participant is unable to continue the live session then he/she has to watch the same session through ”Offline” mode available under E-CLASS login. After attending the session in offline mode, the attendance will be marked automatically.
All the study material provided by faculty such as presentation contents, suggested links and recorded video sessions will be available under E-CLASS login. .
Yes, he/she is eligible for re-examination once. He/she have to pass both examination with minimum passing mark.
In the evaluation of a complete paper if the participant achieves one-half marks in the total, it may be rounded up to one mark.
The question paper would be objective type. There will be multiple choice question/Fill in the blanks & Match the followings.
Only one attempt will be allowed for any online examination. IIRS can modify it for any course as per the course requirement.
40% marks are required to be eligible for certificate.
The certificate will be issued within one month from the date of examination. The certificate will be available through coordinator of networked Institution (if applicable). The certificate will also be available under E-CLASS login of each participant.
It will help you to develop an understanding about geospatial technology and also launch your carrer in the field of geospatial technology.
No, only the successful participant will be eligible for getting certificate from IIRS.
IIRS conducts online feedback from each participant after completion of the course. The feedback is critically analyzed for implementation in next course.
Yes, after completing the course university/Institution coordinator will get the coordinator certificate
No, Coordinator can not become a registered participant of the course.
University/Institute/College/Department can register your organisation under IIRS Outreach Network by providing the details in below link: https://elearning.iirs.gov.in/edusatregistration. coordinator Follow the instruction as link given below:https://elearning.iirs.gov.in/edusatregistration/coordinatorInstructions
Note: after receiving your request for adding your organisation, name under IIRS Outreach Network. The competent authority at IIRS will analyse and approve it and later your organisation name will be listed in online course registration form through which participant of your organization can register for the courses.